Structural Design

Using the latest codes and standards, we ensure every component of structure is designed to resist the effects of environment and occupancy loads and will provide reliability for its entire design life regardless of the construction materials used.

Contact us for the following:

  • Bridge design, assessment and evaluation
  • Foundation design
  • Addition design
  • Truss evaluation and design
  • Retaining wall design
  • Condition assessments
  • Pole barn/shop/garage designs
  • Structural engineering inspections
  • Rehabilitation/Restoration Design

We assess existing structures using knowledge of failure mechanisms and building material properties (concrete, steel, timber and composites).  We review original designs using available records or measurements collected in the field, and propose remedial actions such as strengthening, repair, long term rehabilitation, as required.

Forensic Investigation

We attend sites and review structural integrity of damaged structures using experience in structural analysis and design.  We provide work plans to ensure short term stability of structures, repair/restoration designs to restore the structural integrity, and cause and origin evaluations.

Architectural Drawings & Additions

We visit your home, measure as needed and prepare a ‘permit application ready’ package.  To ensure smooth permitting process, we consult the Authorities Having Jurisdiction for site or property specific requirements.